Dinah Washington  b. 1924 (Tuscaloosa AL) d. 1963 (Detroit MI)
Joe Von Battle b. 1915 (Macon GA) d. 1973 (Detroit MI)
Alberta Adams b. 1917 (Indianapolis IN) d. 2014 (Dearborn MI)
General Gordon Baker, Jr. b. 1941 (Detroit MI) d. 2014 (Detroit MI)
Coleman Young b. 1918 (Tuscaloosa AL) d. 1997 (Detroit MI)
Fannie B. Peck b. 1879 (Huntsville MO) d. 1970 (Detroit MI)
Joe Louis b. 1914 (LaFayette AL) d. 1981 (Paradise NV)
C.L. Franklin b. 1915 (Sunflower County MS) d. 1984 (Detroit MI)
 Installation at 3343 Gratiot, a boundary of Black Bottom
Nicole-Macdonald_MitM_Install_1xRUN_ 6.jpg
Nicole-Macdonald_MitM_Install_1xRUN_ 8.jpg
Nicole-Macdonald_MitM_Install_1xRUN_ 14.jpg
 Final installation, corner of Gratiot and Mack Avenues
Billie Holiday b. 1915 (Philadelphia PA) d. 1959 (New York NY)
Sunnie Wilson b. 1908 (Columbia SC) d. 1999 (Detroit MI)
Ron Scott b. 1947 (Chicago IL) d. 2015 (Detroit MI)
John Lee Hooker b. 1912 (Tutwiler MS) d. 2001 (Los Altos CA)
Quill Pettway b. 1920 (Lundale WV) d. 2015 (Detroit MI)
Louis Emanuel Martin, Jr. b. 1912 (Shelbyville TN) d. 1997 (Orange CA)
Sippie Wallace b. 1898 (Plum Bayou, Jefferson County, Arkansas)
 Eastern Market Installation
 Alberta Adams at Eastern Market
 Shed 3 Eastern Market
 Black Bottom was located on Detroit's near east side and bound by Gratiot Avenue, Brush Street, Vernor Highway and the Grand Trunk Railway tracks. Its main commercial strips were on Hastings and St. Antoine Streets, known as Paradise Valley. Hastings Street, which ran North and South through Black Bottom, was a center of Eastern European Jewish settlement before World War I, but by the 1950s, migration had transformed the strip into one of the city's major black communities.
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 Hooker Redux
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